ARTHESYS receives CE MARK for its LYNX 14 OTW peripheral catheter.

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Le 16/05/2014

ARTHESYS has received CE mark for its LYNX 14 OTW PTA peripheral balloon catheter.

The LYNX 14 OTW catheter comes in various options: either as plain dilation catheter, as stent delivery system, or as drug eluting delivery platform.

The LYNX 14 OTW balloon catheter comes with a unique shaft, allowing for exceptional pushability, and progressive flexibility to reach the most difficult lesions. Balloon design avoids any banana shape, thus providing particularly efficient dilatation, but also unique stent and drug delivery combined with reliable compliance. Hydrophilic coating comes in various options, allowing reaching and crossing stenosis even more effectively.

Balloon sizes cover an extensive range of approximately 500 references.

All these variables allow for special catheter customization and unique designs for each of ARTHESYS unique OEM clients. The LYNX 14 OTW becomes the reference catheter for current and future generation innovations, technologies and solutions in peripheral applications.